...in the  empire you've created (or want to create) by smart management of your customer relationships,  advertising channels, content and mobile.    We've detailed a quick summary below:

Understand the customer lifecyle as it relates to reaching the targert market:
  1. Reach: Who are you reaching? Is your list clean and up to date? What is your reputation with the customer online?
  2. Acquisition: Obviously with better reach, you epand your audience.  What opt in methods do you use to
    engage and gain trust?
  3. Conversion: So you reach and acquire more 'followers', 'shared content', 'likes', and possibly inquiries for more information.  But how do you convert?  One way is to test conversions and click through rates by optimizing messaging and cross channel touch points but be mindful that it may increase the marketing spend as well.  
  4. Retention & Loyalty: How do you engage the customer?  It is a balancing act of between purchasing history, profile preferences and analytics with customer satisfaction.
But wait... there's more.  After you figured out your customer lifecycle, now you have to get moving on the actual engagement strategy.  There are four critical actions to employ.
  1. Mix it up and spread the word.  Using a variety of messages
    and mediums, (Calls to Action & Social Engagement)customers can become
    more 'involved' thus giving them a voice to share your brand or promotion. 
    Email a 'share' about an upcoming seminar or workshop and send along another
    'incentive' offering a discount to the seminar if they 'share with their
    network'.  Who doesn't like a deal today? 
  2. Keep your Employees as brand ambassadors.  They are the front likes of your                                 corporate image as far as customers are concerned.  Too often the neglect shows itself when the
    wrong message is received and once loyal customers disengage from your
    brand.  Think customer-centric not corporate silo.  
  3. Share.  Simple enough. We all had to learn this
    in kindergarten.  How to Win Friends and Influence People. 
    SHARE promotions, networks, content!  Make it easy for subscribers
    (customers) to share information about your brand with their
    networks.  Remember to keep your information relevant and fresh. 
    Old or out-of-date information is a huge turnoff to the digitial subscriber.  
  4. Go Mobile.  We've seen the future and the future is now.  Make sure your marketing efforts
    are optimized for mobile viewing. The smartphone era has ushered in an
    increasing wave of engagement via mobile device.  But again
    proceed with caution.  Your audience must see  a 'trusted source' or
    'familiar name' and visibile call to action essages in order to
    increase open rates, click throughs and oh yeah...... customer engagement!

You know your business depends on  continuous customer engagement, delivering relevant content, positive consumer experience, maximize budgets, increasing marketshare, and so many other tangible factors.  With that in mind, the expansion of your kingdom is accomplished by focusing on the above to leverage your brand across all channels and mediums.  

Try it.  If you can't do it alone, call us! 

And, while on the subject of going Mobile.  We are offering you a copy of 2013 Trends in Mobile Marketing by Forrester Research.  Here you will learn more about the dynamic shift from web to mobile marketing and how it is creating new value for your business and your customers! A must read for any business owner engaging in or soon to be engaging in mobile marketing!  click here to email us for your FREE copy.

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C8 Consulting Inc is all about holistic marketing symmetry combining the art and science of targeted media outlets into
tangible and actionable results.  We are teachers of brand recognition, coaches of market credibility, cheer-leaders for optimizing search, and auditors of projects.  We have many personas, it all depends on what our clients need within
the scope of the business strategy, marketing plan or independent project!

Visit us at www.c8consulting.co for more information or to ask a question. 
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How To Make Your Business More Relevant...
Transforming your brand is a journey and test can be a test of wills.  A combination of what is working, what should have worked and what was a disaster is often an eye opener for even the most hands-on business owner. 

When we come into a company, we look at the challenges, obstacles, tools and resources as a precursor to the evaluations.  Making sweeping changes is not the immediate answer.  Getting the 30,000 foot overview and working to overcome the road blocks after we understand the goals and objectives is the longer path to success. 

We always ask: "When is the last time you and the decision makers sat down together and collaborated"?  Here are some key components to improving business relevance that we want to understand before developing the marketing strategy.  Incorporate three key elements that impact revenue and expenses:  recruitment of key personnel, client retention,and  lead acquisiton when you are determining the relationships below

1. examine the customer experience
2. review channel partners
3. analyze structure & operations
4. interview employees (ambassadors to your brand)
5. monitor the current marketing strategies

Once you've poured over the financials, reviewed the metrics, and whittled down the ROI, starting fresh doesn't seem like such a bad idea.  As we head into the last quarter of 2013, take the opportunity to plan your 2014 strategy.  Review the Business Plan, update the Marketing Strategy, review the Call to Action Messages across multi-media channels and above all...Keep your Brand Consistent. 

The first 100 days will be challenging but the results will be amazing!

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 C8 Consulting Inc is all about holistic marketing symmetry combining the art and science of targeted media outlets into tangible and actionable results.  We are teachers of brand recognition, coaches of market credibility, cheer-leaders for optimizing search, and auditors of projects.  We have many personas, it all depends on what our clients need within the scope of the business strategy, marketing plan or independent project! 

Visit us at www.c8consulting.co for more information or to ask a question.
C8 Creative Consulting – We Turn Your Ideas into Actions!

Since when is a show about a Meth Drug dealer a model for brand management?  When the show is "Breaking Bad" or that's how Chief Marketer is spinning this particular tale.  There are 3 sage rules to remember and while we are taking some of the credit for these three rules, kudos to Chief Marketer for today's brand message.  Read the full article here. 

1)   “Never Compromise Your Standards”  remember to stay on
brand wherever they are – home pages, social media platforms, landing pages,
mobile apps, display ads and beyond.

 2)   “Stay Memorable”find ways to stand out.  Ensure that your branding is taught and known to
everyone within the company.  Whether its a motto, company colors or your logo.  Keep the continuity across all channels and with every employee in the firm.  Think Pepsi, Mercedes Benz and Staples.  

3)   “Call to Action”  Develop a recurring advertising slogan that tellis your clients exactly what you can do for them.  A simple phrase to emphasize a specifi action that you want your prospects and clients to take. 

Anyway, it sure makes the case for C O N T I N U I T Y in your brand!

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And another interesting quote from the controversial novel Atlas Shrugged authored by Ayn Rand:  "You seek escape from pain. We seek the achievement of happiness. You exist for the sake of avoiding punishment. We exist for the sake of earning rewards. Threats will not make us function; fear is not our incentive. It is not death that we wish to  avoid, but life that we wish to live."

Which One Are You?

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Creating A High Performance Culture may be easier and more profitable than you think.  How often do you leave the office with the staff in charge of day-to-day operations? How often do you 'think' about who is responsible for making certain your clients and customers are being treated the way you think they should?  This white paper Employee Performance Measurement: Creating a High Performance Culture by Aberdeen Group focuses on the integration of automated performance metrix, technology, supporting management and frequency of reviews. 

It is great information but the truth of the matter is that unless you really empower the team and reinforce the business model, nothing is going to make a difference.   Yes, it is true that defining goals and maintaining the highest level of performance can increase revenue but employee satisfaction is a bitter pill to swallow if you don't recognize the talent. 

We have said here on numerous ocassions that your employees are your brand ambassadors. They can be extremely useful in getting your message to the world especially as social media has taken hold of the business world.   This is the most empowering group that you cannot control.  Give them a reason to perform, to excel and to grow!  If every one of your employees and sales staff felt they were an important component to the success of the firm, imagine using that energy to communicate your corporate messages. 

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Did you know that 70% of companies that publish articles 2-3 times per week have acquired a customer through their blog. And,  companies that increase blogging from 3-5X/month to 6-8X/month almost double their leads?

The challenge is not in the writing of the content. (Of course, if you are NOT a writer, we can help you get over that obstacle too!) The key to successful blogging is in the consistency and the organization of your posts.   It is most overwhelming when you or your team are attempting to brainstorm relevant topics, trying to target the right readers, and optimizing posts with the right keywords and calls-to-action.   READ On for a little help...

Download this easy to use Blogging Editorial Calendar today.  Remember to share it with your team, invite guest bloggers and maximize those inbound links. But also include employees, preferred vendors, clients, and customers to participate.  There is a Quick Users guide on the first worksheet.  Don't be quick to dismiss the sage advice on each component to successful blogging.  You will be glad you read it over.

Remember to keep your messages to the point, define publish dates,add links where appropriate and include strong images if it makes your message more meaningful.   Just keep the blogging stories coming and remember to 'like' and 'share' other blog posts, tweets and facebook fan page messages.  We've also included this helpful Paper titled How To Generate More Leads With Your Blog.

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Incite (a premier marketing & communications forum) was able to share the top issues keeping corporate communications executives awake at night. 

By the way, C8's definition of Communicator is an individual or group responsible for developing, cultivating and maintaining a corporate identity or brand image.  Every business--big or small--invests in corporate communication initiatives to mold its image, communicate with internal and external audiences and sustain a long-term positive reputation.  So technically, every employee, salesperson and officer should be an ambassador or 'communicator' of  your brand. 

What’s the overall picture for Communicators Today? Here are 5 ways to improve your company's bottom line.
  1. From campaigns to engaging stories: Telling stories is more engaging than traditional campaigns.
    Shift your focus.
  2. Improving data collection = better customer understanding:  Marshal multiple data sources for better decision making.
  3. Right time, right place Communications: Talk when and where your stakeholder is listening
  4. Get friendly with the right people: Effective advocacy, and how to get influencers onside
  5. Prove your worth: Measurement to show your job makes a difference

When we analyze our new client's business model, it is usually not surprising that inefficiences  become apparent.  As we map out a strong plan that mirrors the corporate strategy, we address challenges and obstacles that are preventing sustainable growth in revenue.  In every case this is due to a lack of  communication in one or many areas including brand management, lead generation, client retention, sales force recruitment, data measurement and message consistency.  The survey from INCITE clearly reinforces the simple message of "Communications remain the key initiator for growth".  We agree!


As CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) we want our clients to be close to the action - 'engaged' in the social world - not standing on the periphery.  While technology has allowed us to monitor, manage, revise and track social behavior to best serve the goals of our clients, it hasn't give us the human element of why they 'like' or 'share' or even  'take action'. 

Today's blog is all about motivation and reputation.  Look at your customer base and determine who fits best into these four motivators keeping in mind that none are based on rewards.  Remember these motivators come from engagement in websites, webinars, seminars, online communities and mobile apps. 

1. Smart -  allow your customers the opportunity to showcase their own knowledge of your product or service
2. Successful - Generally people really like to win or excel.  Create competitive dynamics to fuel competition.
3. Structured - Keep your messages and calls to action simple.  Social overload can be confusing and stifle dialogue
4. Socially valued - Remember everyone likes recognition not just the rewards that come with regular patronage.

Depending on your particular organization, you can create user panels, online community forums,  recognition blogs and other non-material rewards for liking, sharing and even writing comments.  There is a myriad of opportunities to help manage the ongoing customer engagement activity.  But the three basic analytics are:

1-onboarding new clients -  between visits to your sites and social, are you capturing new clients?
2-retention -  what is repeat business or repeat behavior look like for your customer experience?
3-conversion - is your multi-channel social strategy engaging new customer activity and repeat business?

Your business plan and marketing strategy should include the technology to manage social engagement.  Armed with the most useful tools and resources, you can understand what motivates your customer, make sense of the data and tweak your campaigns accordingly and lastly, figure out the ROI (return on investment) by assessing the value of each program.  So before you think this is not important to your business or even out of your budget...think again.  Call or email us for more information on these and other marketing strategies specifically designed for your business.

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Our thanks to badgeville.com for their intuitive white paper.

It is the age old question EVERY business owner wants to know.  Think about this: 
Twenty-five years ago our choices were limited to brick and mortar,
printed word and traditional media outlets.  Today, some of the biggest engines Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, tumblr and LinkedIn have turned the traditional way we market, brand and advertise right out the door.  
 Social is very hyperlocal but you have to have a strong value proposition (message) for your product or service.  This strategy should also be conveyed equally with your printed materials.  This is a concept that is still lost on many business owners. Whether it is due to fractured structure internally between department heads, no communication from management to the trenches or just plain lack of understanding, this misstep creates confusion and confusion can be the death of a campaign or the demise of a business.  But it is a fixable challenge.

Having a comprehensive branded marketing program both on and off line is the way to keep continuity of your “Call to Action” Message.  If you want to increase inquiries, maximize lead generation and enhance revenue, make certain that you have your social media strategy aligned with your traditional advertising platforms.  

This February 2013 article from Social Media Examiner titled How To Attract More Customers with Content Marketing focuses on the specifics of how to attract, convert and keep customers.   Ask yourself if these tips could indeed contribute to the attainment of your revenue goals. 

Furthermore, a 2012 B2B Content Marketing Trends White Paper from  IDG Enterprises will shed additional light on the shifts we are undergoing in the way we market for and to our clients.   Compare how your company would have responded and let us know if you have any thoughts or comments. 
Visit us at www.c8consulting.co for more insights and ways to jumpstart your goals.  
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“Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people” – Abraham Lincoln 

Aside from barbeques, fire works and family gatherings, let us not forget the real reasons to celebrate July 4th - American Independence. This day commemorates America's declaration of separation from Great Britain that was made on July 4, 1776 -- a new way of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Our freedom and our democracy is a direct product of the determination from our forefathers who worked to establish the United States of America as a free country.  Let us be thankful for our similiarities and our differences. But let us all be Americans!  Happy Birthday America. 

In case you need a refresher, click on the hyperlink to read:  The Declaration of Independence

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