You decide!  We'll make today's blog very simple.  Click on the Link below for a quick review of some of the most popular and innovative applications designed to make your day a little less overwhelming....  In particular, check out Bump & CardMunch!  Got a favorite?  Share it here.  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-mobile-apps-to-improve-your-business-and-networking/

All week long, we sat stonefaced looking at the blinking cursor on an empty and very blank Blog Page.  It felt odd to be so uninspired.  Nothing had truly cried out "Talk About This"!  That is until today! Read a few exerpts from The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss that appeared on our LinkedIn Network.  Here is one of many tips that just make sense.   

"Interest, energy and ability go up and down all the  time. Trying to work through it when you're miserable is unproductive.   The way many of our jobs and careers are planned leads to doing the same thing for hours, even years on end. It doesn't account for the fact that people aren't built to work that way.  Your interest and ability to do a particular job or task varies over time. 
It's more effective to plan for it than to simply try to work through it, or spend unproductive hours staring at a screen. "Design your work day, and potentially even your career to take that into  account." 

So, today is Friday and it is promising to be a beautiful day.  Work Hard but Don't forget to Smell the Roses, Walk through the Park, Relish the Sun on Your Face.  Monday will be here soon enough

The  Four Hour Workweek 

...Just Sayin'!

Developing a smart email marketing campaign takes resources - time and money!  So let's say you spend the time and invest the money.  All good.  Assuming you have all the right bells and whistes, it is an effective start.  You get a few leads, have super open and click through rates and even convert those inquiries into clients.  And then the bottom falls out.. the one critical element that has not entered into play...

1. check for bad addresses and either remove or fix  
2. add new names.....   (consistently cultivate new relationships)
3. compare opens, clicks and engagement (click-to-open) versus the industry standards.  (what is good when you haven't benchmarked your results?)
4. make it mobile friendly  (otherwise you will lose a significant part of your audience)
5. send it out at the right 'time'.... (Friday afternoon at 3:30pm is perhaps not the best time to ask your audience to complete a financial stability survey but it may be the right time to invite your target audience try a local restaurant with an enticing 25% off coupon!)

So, getting social is important but don't just do it... Do it Right!

...Just Sayin'!

"Create it. Market it. Measure it.  Repeat...or Not! "  Hard to know just what social media channels are working well and which should be refined (or dropped like a hot potato).  Often times we will be a bit preachy where your Call to Action Message is concerned but the concept begs asking again!  Is it memorable?  Is it repeatable? Do you get responses?  Not entirely certain?  Try incorporating these three metrics into your Social Programs as outlined by Social Media Examiner in a recent blog post. 

1. Share of Voice - measures your mentions vs the competition  
2. Referral Traffic - analyze where your marketing time and budget may be best suited
3. Conversion Rates - review lead generation stats to determine social focus

We know that this is the end to the means and there is surely more to creating a dynamic social media campaign than meets the eye. At least now you get the picture, right?

...Just sayin'!

Want to ensure complete (or partial) failure with your marketing plans.... then be sure to follow these easy to master techniques to the letter....

1. Do Not Share the Vision of the project with your team.
2. Remove Access to decision makers whenever possible
3. Prevent Contractors from attending the strategic and progress meetings
4. Get the Sales Department completely involved in the design and implementation (not entirely!)
5. Refuse to collaborate inter-departmentally.

It is obvious that the above is a recipe for disaster.  To execute and remain best in class, you must consider all the players, remain relevant and learn to evolve.  While there are no guarantees,  think about how sharing, access, inclusion, collaboration and vision stimulate the team tasked with fulfilling the goals of the project.  We expect you will find:  

1. Quicker Program Development
2. Faster Execution
3. Greater Team Productivity
4. Lower budget costs
5. Better Sales and Cross sell

Turning Ideas Into Actions...Just Sayin'!

Finally... a cloudless sunny day... still a chill in the air but we can smell the flowers for certain!  It is finally Friday.  Time to start thinking about landscaping, opening the pool and outdoor entertaining.  On that note, thought we'd just share a few weekend happenings on Long Island!  Have a Great Weekend!  http://long-island.newsday.com/events/festivals