It is the age old question EVERY business owner wants to know.  Think about this: 
Twenty-five years ago our choices were limited to brick and mortar,
printed word and traditional media outlets.  Today, some of the biggest engines Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, tumblr and LinkedIn have turned the traditional way we market, brand and advertise right out the door.  
 Social is very hyperlocal but you have to have a strong value proposition (message) for your product or service.  This strategy should also be conveyed equally with your printed materials.  This is a concept that is still lost on many business owners. Whether it is due to fractured structure internally between department heads, no communication from management to the trenches or just plain lack of understanding, this misstep creates confusion and confusion can be the death of a campaign or the demise of a business.  But it is a fixable challenge.

Having a comprehensive branded marketing program both on and off line is the way to keep continuity of your “Call to Action” Message.  If you want to increase inquiries, maximize lead generation and enhance revenue, make certain that you have your social media strategy aligned with your traditional advertising platforms.  

This February 2013 article from Social Media Examiner titled How To Attract More Customers with Content Marketing focuses on the specifics of how to attract, convert and keep customers.   Ask yourself if these tips could indeed contribute to the attainment of your revenue goals. 

Furthermore, a 2012 B2B Content Marketing Trends White Paper from  IDG Enterprises will shed additional light on the shifts we are undergoing in the way we market for and to our clients.   Compare how your company would have responded and let us know if you have any thoughts or comments. 
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Recently, a client wanted to know the proper use of #hashtags on Twitter.  Here is a quick reminder from #Target Marketing on the five (5) top rules to follow.  Thought it was worth sharing. 

Need CPR to save your Social Media Programs?  Here's one idea to get people talking, sharing and posting.  Use Facebook to highlight your associates, employees and perhaps even vendors/suppliers.  Here are some ideas:

1. Photo albums of your employees in their youth and today - sure to get a reaction!
2. Adorable Pets Album - who can resist that cuddly iguana or lop earred bunny?
3. Music Beats - pics of your employees and what they like to listen to
4. Book Review - show book covers of suggested favorites - and allow comments

Be creative, innovative and different!  Let the unique qualities of your firm and your employees shine.  You'll be surprised what kind of buzz it will create.

Thanks Social Media Examiner and Bryden McGrath for that reminder!

Developing a smart email marketing campaign takes resources - time and money!  So let's say you spend the time and invest the money.  All good.  Assuming you have all the right bells and whistes, it is an effective start.  You get a few leads, have super open and click through rates and even convert those inquiries into clients.  And then the bottom falls out.. the one critical element that has not entered into play...

1. check for bad addresses and either remove or fix  
2. add new names.....   (consistently cultivate new relationships)
3. compare opens, clicks and engagement (click-to-open) versus the industry standards.  (what is good when you haven't benchmarked your results?)
4. make it mobile friendly  (otherwise you will lose a significant part of your audience)
5. send it out at the right 'time'.... (Friday afternoon at 3:30pm is perhaps not the best time to ask your audience to complete a financial stability survey but it may be the right time to invite your target audience try a local restaurant with an enticing 25% off coupon!)

So, getting social is important but don't just do it... Do it Right!

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Left Brain!  Right Brain!  Somewhere in between... Hard to find out what direction your client is headed especially when you don't know how they process information.  The same goes for their customers.  Pictures and Words!  A combo as perfect as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!  Social Media Examiner provides a few simple tips on how to maximize your message! Click on the link for a quick refresher.     http://bit.ly/Yaw58C

Terrific article in today's edition of Newsday... Personal Branding LI Business Section.  When we look at our client's reputation, we take the virutal world just as seriously as the real world... think about what are your peers, clients and competitors saying about you and your company.  Your reputation is important.  Protecting it is the key to growth, success and referrals at the very least.  Consider the following ways to manage your personal brand:

What is your corporate MESSAGE?
Have you made certain you have OWNERSHIP of your name?
Are you actively keeping your profile (blog, website, corporate bio) CURRENT?
Is your online marketing content RELEVANT to your audience?
Are you sharing your KNOWLEDGE with peers and clients regularly?
Are you TRACKing how effective your campaigns are?
Do you REVIEW your presence regularly?
Do you actively look for opportunities to IMPROVE your personal brand? 

It's a dog-eat-dog world in the social media universe.  Don't be the one wearing Milk Bone Underwear!

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Time was when social media was a strange bedfellow.  What is it?  How can it help my business?  How can it make a difference in my relationship with clients?  We remember asking and answering those questions.  Attached is the latest Survey on Social Media by Chief Marketer.  Social activity is all around us... in our everyday lifes and has punctured the proverbial helium balloon that was full of doubt in our businesses.  You can dip a toe into the social pond or dive in head first.  Its up to you.  There is much to consider be it monthly budget, channel participation like Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and of course, the return on your investment - a benchmark of social media marketings usefulness!   Whether its B2C or B2B, social media activity and planned participation is on the rise! 

Why Go Social?  (full graph and explanation within the downloadable file)
    25% Supplement paid media
     25% Corporate leadership expects
     39% Reach new audiences
     41% Cheap/ cost-efficient marketing
     42% Get customer feedback
     51% Viral spread
     53% 2-way conversation
     56% Customers expect us in social
     62% Reach customers where they spend time
     84% Offer multiple touchpoints

Want to find out ways to boost your social & online presence?  Contact us for more information. 

-C8 Marketing Guru