Incite (a premier marketing & communications forum) was able to share the top issues keeping corporate communications executives awake at night. 

By the way, C8's definition of Communicator is an individual or group responsible for developing, cultivating and maintaining a corporate identity or brand image.  Every business--big or small--invests in corporate communication initiatives to mold its image, communicate with internal and external audiences and sustain a long-term positive reputation.  So technically, every employee, salesperson and officer should be an ambassador or 'communicator' of  your brand. 

What’s the overall picture for Communicators Today? Here are 5 ways to improve your company's bottom line.
  1. From campaigns to engaging stories: Telling stories is more engaging than traditional campaigns.
    Shift your focus.
  2. Improving data collection = better customer understanding:  Marshal multiple data sources for better decision making.
  3. Right time, right place Communications: Talk when and where your stakeholder is listening
  4. Get friendly with the right people: Effective advocacy, and how to get influencers onside
  5. Prove your worth: Measurement to show your job makes a difference

When we analyze our new client's business model, it is usually not surprising that inefficiences  become apparent.  As we map out a strong plan that mirrors the corporate strategy, we address challenges and obstacles that are preventing sustainable growth in revenue.  In every case this is due to a lack of  communication in one or many areas including brand management, lead generation, client retention, sales force recruitment, data measurement and message consistency.  The survey from INCITE clearly reinforces the simple message of "Communications remain the key initiator for growth".  We agree!


It is the age old question EVERY business owner wants to know.  Think about this: 
Twenty-five years ago our choices were limited to brick and mortar,
printed word and traditional media outlets.  Today, some of the biggest engines Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, tumblr and LinkedIn have turned the traditional way we market, brand and advertise right out the door.  
 Social is very hyperlocal but you have to have a strong value proposition (message) for your product or service.  This strategy should also be conveyed equally with your printed materials.  This is a concept that is still lost on many business owners. Whether it is due to fractured structure internally between department heads, no communication from management to the trenches or just plain lack of understanding, this misstep creates confusion and confusion can be the death of a campaign or the demise of a business.  But it is a fixable challenge.

Having a comprehensive branded marketing program both on and off line is the way to keep continuity of your “Call to Action” Message.  If you want to increase inquiries, maximize lead generation and enhance revenue, make certain that you have your social media strategy aligned with your traditional advertising platforms.  

This February 2013 article from Social Media Examiner titled How To Attract More Customers with Content Marketing focuses on the specifics of how to attract, convert and keep customers.   Ask yourself if these tips could indeed contribute to the attainment of your revenue goals. 

Furthermore, a 2012 B2B Content Marketing Trends White Paper from  IDG Enterprises will shed additional light on the shifts we are undergoing in the way we market for and to our clients.   Compare how your company would have responded and let us know if you have any thoughts or comments. 
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Just sayin’…

You decide!  We'll make today's blog very simple.  Click on the Link below for a quick review of some of the most popular and innovative applications designed to make your day a little less overwhelming....  In particular, check out Bump & CardMunch!  Got a favorite?  Share it here.  http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/26-mobile-apps-to-improve-your-business-and-networking/

All week long, we sat stonefaced looking at the blinking cursor on an empty and very blank Blog Page.  It felt odd to be so uninspired.  Nothing had truly cried out "Talk About This"!  That is until today! Read a few exerpts from The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss that appeared on our LinkedIn Network.  Here is one of many tips that just make sense.   

"Interest, energy and ability go up and down all the  time. Trying to work through it when you're miserable is unproductive.   The way many of our jobs and careers are planned leads to doing the same thing for hours, even years on end. It doesn't account for the fact that people aren't built to work that way.  Your interest and ability to do a particular job or task varies over time. 
It's more effective to plan for it than to simply try to work through it, or spend unproductive hours staring at a screen. "Design your work day, and potentially even your career to take that into  account." 

So, today is Friday and it is promising to be a beautiful day.  Work Hard but Don't forget to Smell the Roses, Walk through the Park, Relish the Sun on Your Face.  Monday will be here soon enough

The  Four Hour Workweek 

...Just Sayin'!

Want to ensure complete (or partial) failure with your marketing plans.... then be sure to follow these easy to master techniques to the letter....

1. Do Not Share the Vision of the project with your team.
2. Remove Access to decision makers whenever possible
3. Prevent Contractors from attending the strategic and progress meetings
4. Get the Sales Department completely involved in the design and implementation (not entirely!)
5. Refuse to collaborate inter-departmentally.

It is obvious that the above is a recipe for disaster.  To execute and remain best in class, you must consider all the players, remain relevant and learn to evolve.  While there are no guarantees,  think about how sharing, access, inclusion, collaboration and vision stimulate the team tasked with fulfilling the goals of the project.  We expect you will find:  

1. Quicker Program Development
2. Faster Execution
3. Greater Team Productivity
4. Lower budget costs
5. Better Sales and Cross sell

Turning Ideas Into Actions...Just Sayin'!

Terrific article in today's edition of Newsday... Personal Branding LI Business Section.  When we look at our client's reputation, we take the virutal world just as seriously as the real world... think about what are your peers, clients and competitors saying about you and your company.  Your reputation is important.  Protecting it is the key to growth, success and referrals at the very least.  Consider the following ways to manage your personal brand:

What is your corporate MESSAGE?
Have you made certain you have OWNERSHIP of your name?
Are you actively keeping your profile (blog, website, corporate bio) CURRENT?
Is your online marketing content RELEVANT to your audience?
Are you sharing your KNOWLEDGE with peers and clients regularly?
Are you TRACKing how effective your campaigns are?
Do you REVIEW your presence regularly?
Do you actively look for opportunities to IMPROVE your personal brand? 

It's a dog-eat-dog world in the social media universe.  Don't be the one wearing Milk Bone Underwear!

Some years ago, I asked my client for a copy of their elevator speech: who they were, why they were unique and what their purpose was.  What I got in turn was a canned, long -winded Mission Statement.  B-O-R-I-N-G!  Not that mission statements are not important but that’s a story for another day. 

 So, what is an elevator speech?  The definition is a short summary of a product, service or organization and its ‘value proposition'. 

Easily enough explained!  Your ‘pitch’ should be quick and efficient, delivered in the time span of an elevator ride.  Think of the time it takes to move approximately 3-5 floors or about 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the speed of the elevator.  You should be able to "sum up unique aspects of your service or product in a way that excites others".

Keep your elevator speech fresh and ‘alive’.  Use it to describe you/your company in the online description of your company as it would appear in Search Results, in your written Bio, in your Social Media Connections like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitteras an intro to any prospect meetings (listing presentation, financial planning discovery, venture capital search) and in video format. 

 In the attached article 16 Unique Elevator Speech Examples by Mike Kaselnak, there are some thought provoking ways to phrase your elevator speech. 

 -C8 Marketing Guru