Figuring out your strategic 5-year plan, annual budget based on revenue and marketing plan is the basis to growing a successful business.  But what if you 'built it and nobody came'?  Sound familiar?  Sure it does.  Can't stress enough that you need to be organized and thorough for the same of your clients sanity. 

A recent blog post by Carolyn Goodman/Goodman Marketing summed it up nicely with two simple rules: 

1. Make it Easy:  Think about your target and what you want them to do (Call To Action).  Then make it easy for them to do it.  That includes forms, links, contact information, download instructions, etc.  

2. Demand Quality:  Always proof your process!  Follow the trail yourself.  If you get lost, imagine the frustration your target audience feels.  Think of broken links, missing attachments or even incorrect phone numbers.  UGH!

Bottom line is that if your marketing strategy (or marketing consultant) is lacking in organization (forget about the message and the call to action), then consider  incuding  a subscription to Garman or TomTom the next time you run a campaign.

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