Terrific article in today's edition of Newsday... Personal Branding LI Business Section.  When we look at our client's reputation, we take the virutal world just as seriously as the real world... think about what are your peers, clients and competitors saying about you and your company.  Your reputation is important.  Protecting it is the key to growth, success and referrals at the very least.  Consider the following ways to manage your personal brand:

What is your corporate MESSAGE?
Have you made certain you have OWNERSHIP of your name?
Are you actively keeping your profile (blog, website, corporate bio) CURRENT?
Is your online marketing content RELEVANT to your audience?
Are you sharing your KNOWLEDGE with peers and clients regularly?
Are you TRACKing how effective your campaigns are?
Do you REVIEW your presence regularly?
Do you actively look for opportunities to IMPROVE your personal brand? 

It's a dog-eat-dog world in the social media universe.  Don't be the one wearing Milk Bone Underwear!

7/12/2021 04:40:58 pm

This was lovely thanks for sharing


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