...in the  empire you've created (or want to create) by smart management of your customer relationships,  advertising channels, content and mobile.    We've detailed a quick summary below:

Understand the customer lifecyle as it relates to reaching the targert market:
  1. Reach: Who are you reaching? Is your list clean and up to date? What is your reputation with the customer online?
  2. Acquisition: Obviously with better reach, you epand your audience.  What opt in methods do you use to
    engage and gain trust?
  3. Conversion: So you reach and acquire more 'followers', 'shared content', 'likes', and possibly inquiries for more information.  But how do you convert?  One way is to test conversions and click through rates by optimizing messaging and cross channel touch points but be mindful that it may increase the marketing spend as well.  
  4. Retention & Loyalty: How do you engage the customer?  It is a balancing act of between purchasing history, profile preferences and analytics with customer satisfaction.
But wait... there's more.  After you figured out your customer lifecycle, now you have to get moving on the actual engagement strategy.  There are four critical actions to employ.
  1. Mix it up and spread the word.  Using a variety of messages
    and mediums, (Calls to Action & Social Engagement)customers can become
    more 'involved' thus giving them a voice to share your brand or promotion. 
    Email a 'share' about an upcoming seminar or workshop and send along another
    'incentive' offering a discount to the seminar if they 'share with their
    network'.  Who doesn't like a deal today? 
  2. Keep your Employees as brand ambassadors.  They are the front likes of your                                 corporate image as far as customers are concerned.  Too often the neglect shows itself when the
    wrong message is received and once loyal customers disengage from your
    brand.  Think customer-centric not corporate silo.  
  3. Share.  Simple enough. We all had to learn this
    in kindergarten.  How to Win Friends and Influence People. 
    SHARE promotions, networks, content!  Make it easy for subscribers
    (customers) to share information about your brand with their
    networks.  Remember to keep your information relevant and fresh. 
    Old or out-of-date information is a huge turnoff to the digitial subscriber.  
  4. Go Mobile.  We've seen the future and the future is now.  Make sure your marketing efforts
    are optimized for mobile viewing. The smartphone era has ushered in an
    increasing wave of engagement via mobile device.  But again
    proceed with caution.  Your audience must see  a 'trusted source' or
    'familiar name' and visibile call to action essages in order to
    increase open rates, click throughs and oh yeah...... customer engagement!

You know your business depends on  continuous customer engagement, delivering relevant content, positive consumer experience, maximize budgets, increasing marketshare, and so many other tangible factors.  With that in mind, the expansion of your kingdom is accomplished by focusing on the above to leverage your brand across all channels and mediums.  

Try it.  If you can't do it alone, call us! 

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