Creating A High Performance Culture may be easier and more profitable than you think.  How often do you leave the office with the staff in charge of day-to-day operations? How often do you 'think' about who is responsible for making certain your clients and customers are being treated the way you think they should?  This white paper Employee Performance Measurement: Creating a High Performance Culture by Aberdeen Group focuses on the integration of automated performance metrix, technology, supporting management and frequency of reviews. 

It is great information but the truth of the matter is that unless you really empower the team and reinforce the business model, nothing is going to make a difference.   Yes, it is true that defining goals and maintaining the highest level of performance can increase revenue but employee satisfaction is a bitter pill to swallow if you don't recognize the talent. 

We have said here on numerous ocassions that your employees are your brand ambassadors. They can be extremely useful in getting your message to the world especially as social media has taken hold of the business world.   This is the most empowering group that you cannot control.  Give them a reason to perform, to excel and to grow!  If every one of your employees and sales staff felt they were an important component to the success of the firm, imagine using that energy to communicate your corporate messages. 

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