Since when is a show about a Meth Drug dealer a model for brand management?  When the show is "Breaking Bad" or that's how Chief Marketer is spinning this particular tale.  There are 3 sage rules to remember and while we are taking some of the credit for these three rules, kudos to Chief Marketer for today's brand message.  Read the full article here. 

1)   “Never Compromise Your Standards”  remember to stay on
brand wherever they are – home pages, social media platforms, landing pages,
mobile apps, display ads and beyond.

 2)   “Stay Memorable”find ways to stand out.  Ensure that your branding is taught and known to
everyone within the company.  Whether its a motto, company colors or your logo.  Keep the continuity across all channels and with every employee in the firm.  Think Pepsi, Mercedes Benz and Staples.  

3)   “Call to Action”  Develop a recurring advertising slogan that tellis your clients exactly what you can do for them.  A simple phrase to emphasize a specifi action that you want your prospects and clients to take. 

Anyway, it sure makes the case for C O N T I N U I T Y in your brand!

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