"Create it. Market it. Measure it.  Repeat...or Not! "  Hard to know just what social media channels are working well and which should be refined (or dropped like a hot potato).  Often times we will be a bit preachy where your Call to Action Message is concerned but the concept begs asking again!  Is it memorable?  Is it repeatable? Do you get responses?  Not entirely certain?  Try incorporating these three metrics into your Social Programs as outlined by Social Media Examiner in a recent blog post. 

1. Share of Voice - measures your mentions vs the competition  
2. Referral Traffic - analyze where your marketing time and budget may be best suited
3. Conversion Rates - review lead generation stats to determine social focus

We know that this is the end to the means and there is surely more to creating a dynamic social media campaign than meets the eye. At least now you get the picture, right?

...Just sayin'!

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