Want to ensure complete (or partial) failure with your marketing plans.... then be sure to follow these easy to master techniques to the letter....

1. Do Not Share the Vision of the project with your team.
2. Remove Access to decision makers whenever possible
3. Prevent Contractors from attending the strategic and progress meetings
4. Get the Sales Department completely involved in the design and implementation (not entirely!)
5. Refuse to collaborate inter-departmentally.

It is obvious that the above is a recipe for disaster.  To execute and remain best in class, you must consider all the players, remain relevant and learn to evolve.  While there are no guarantees,  think about how sharing, access, inclusion, collaboration and vision stimulate the team tasked with fulfilling the goals of the project.  We expect you will find:  

1. Quicker Program Development
2. Faster Execution
3. Greater Team Productivity
4. Lower budget costs
5. Better Sales and Cross sell

Turning Ideas Into Actions...Just Sayin'!

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